Membership Application or Renewal

Admin: Gorete de Oliveira
Postal: PostNet Suite # 417, Private Bag X19, Gardenview 2047, South Africa   |  Phone: +27 (0)82 653 4729

All membership and administrative enquiries should be addressed as above


If you do not have a sponsor, please submit your CV with professional references or, if you are a student, please submit proof of registration, plus details of your course.

Subscription Rates

Member Associate
R400 R400 R400 R50 TBC R400

*SADC countries pay – R400

Bank : Nedbank
Branch : Florida
Acc No: 1905 107668
Please email deposit slip for internet transfer.
(You will need your invoice number as reference)

Outstanding dues: All members who are in arrears with their dues are required to please pay up now. It should be noted that according to By-Law IX(3) of our Constitution, you will be expelled from the Association without further notice if you are in arrears for more than 2 years. In view of many benefits offered by SAGA, the Committee will have no option but to reluctantly adhere to the rules of the Constitution.

Article III of the Constitution:

  1. Any person interested in geophysics shall be eligible for membership.
  2. Applications for membership shall be submitted in writing and shall be signed by two sponsors who are members of the Association.
  3. Applicants who are members of recognised geophysical societies or associations need not be sponsored provided proof of such societies be submitted on application.
  4. Applications for membership must be approved by the Committee.
  5. Provisions 2 and 4 of this article shall not apply to those members who joined the Association prior to the adoption of the Constitution.
  6. Grades of membership may be introduced if considered in the interest of the Association and the profession as a whole (ref. to Bye-Law II para. 2).
  7. The Annual Dues of members of the Association, as prescribed by the bye-laws, shall be payable in advance on January 1st of each year.

Bye-Law II paragraph 2
Grades of Membership shall be:

    1. “Members”
    2. “Associate Members”
    3. “Affiliate Members”
    4. “Student Members”
  1. Members shall be graduates of a recognised university and active in the field of geophysics. Members of the Association elected prior to December 31, 1980 and who are not in default shall continue to enjoy this status not withstanding academic qualification.
  2. Associate Members shall be persons holding a recognised technical diploma and active in the field of geophysics.
  3. Affiliate Members shall be persons interested in geophysics.
  4. Student Members shall be any person undergoing full-time education and interested in geophysics.

Only Member (category) shall enjoy full voting right in the affairs and/or the conduct of business of the Association.

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